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Rye Whiskey. (Re-visited)

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Prompted by the playing of Don Pedi, here played noter/drone on a Walnut, Butternut, and Rosewood hourglass dulcimer, strung as a baritone, tuned ADa. Sorry about all the messing about and having to view this again, blame it on the Geekling, I took her advice and got this (the original attempt at posting) here via Youtube (which did show a warning triangle and the message "this video may have audio/sync problems") As it mentioned nothing about colour, and appears to be playing OK this time, I can only assume the message relates to my singing ! I still do not know what went wrong the first time,when it seemed to resemble something from Picasso's 'Blue Period', except I posted initially by using a 'shortcut' to my desktop . This time I went the long way round !!!
John Henry
06/03/12 11:19:48AM @john-henry:

Macy Jayne ! Sorry, have only just found your comment, thank you! As for the kantele, I took it to my brother's home in Dorset a couple of weeks back, and his son, my nephew, a fine musician, has hung onto it for a while ! Watch this space !


(you really must exercise some control over that wayward paper bag of yours 68.gif . It seems to be drifting all over the place, and having pecuilar effects on otherwise sensible/sober people35.gif ???)

Macy Jayne
06/01/12 01:55:33AM @macy-jayne:

Where is Papa Smurf? Great playin and singin! What happened to your kantele vid?

John Henry
05/30/12 03:29:03AM @john-henry:

Thanks Patty, Looks like I might just have to explore what is available in electric blue stain one


Patty from Virginia
05/29/12 09:31:52PM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, I still love it, the playing and the singingGrin.gif I have to admit, I did like that blue colored dulcimerGrin.gif

Brian G.
05/29/12 08:57:44PM @brian-g:

Very nice John Henry!

John Henry
05/29/12 02:54:22AM @john-henry:

41.gif41.gif41.gif Nice one Dusty, lol, wish I was as slim as that .! However, on a minor point of accuracy, I have to report that I was not wearing shoes or socks !!!

I like that !

my regards


Dusty Turtle
05/28/12 11:56:15PM @dusty-turtle:

The playing is just as good as before. But I thought you looked like this guy's cousin:


At least you have shoes.

Dana R. McCall
05/28/12 09:57:57AM @dana-r-mccall:
GREAT Job John Henry! Enjoyed the sound of your baritone.
John Keane
05/28/12 09:16:42AM @john-keane:

This one isn't as colorful, but it's still a great job! Grin.gif

john p
05/28/12 09:06:34AM @john-p:

Just keep doing whatever it is you're doing John.

Especially the playing, we can put up with the weird colours if we have too.

john p