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Haven of Rest

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Duration: 00:01:35
For Kimberly, who is recovering from a very recent RTA. Her Dad liked this tune, and he was surely close to her yesterday !!! Played here noter/drone on a mean tone fretted instrument tuned GGd. Get well soon Kimberly ! ! (I forgot to put a 'green shirt' on, lol !!!)
John Henry
05/31/14 06:08:06PM @john-henry:

Should take you about five minutes....................33.gif ! Thanks E. Check out the video posted by Kimberly, she plays it more in the manner that I think you would want to ?

have a good holiday


05/31/14 03:08:50PM @filipinouker:
JH, this is *brilliant* and I want to learn it!
John Keane
06/13/12 07:30:22AM @john-keane:

Awesome job as usual! The dulcimer sounds great as well.

Rob N Lackey
06/12/12 07:24:02PM @rob-n-lackey:

You have captured the "spirit" of this song wonderfully JohnH. Keep it up!


John Henry
06/10/12 01:37:44PM @john-henry:

My pleasure entirely Kimberly , get well soon !!!


ps. I did'nt really mean that comment about flowers................3.gif

Kimberly C.
06/10/12 10:00:20AM @kimberly-c:

I just had to watch this again this morning. It's so lovely.Thanks, John. Smile.gif

John Henry
06/08/12 03:16:04PM @john-henry:

Good to hear from you Sam, comment appreciated, but I have to ask 7.gif ! What do you mean by the term .jag at the end 9.gif ???


John Henry
06/08/12 03:13:00PM @john-henry:

Thanks Patty !!! We all wish Kimberly well, of that I have no doubt! (do'nt tell her I said this, but it was cheaper that sending flowers !!! 3.gif )


Patty from Virginia
06/08/12 09:29:08AM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, this is beautifulSmile.gif You have a big heart.

John Henry
06/08/12 06:00:50AM @john-henry:

Wayne , Cheryl. thanks for your comment, and Carrie, despite that which you may have heard from a certain guy from Lousiania, I'm a gurt softie at heart ,lol !


John Henry
06/08/12 05:56:26AM @john-henry:

Hi Dave, once again I have to say, thanks for bothering to listen! Yes,I like that dulcimer, even tho' it has a hole in it's side secured with Sellotape, lol. (just finishing an old style Virginia 'D' ended instrument that I am hoping will be good for bowing, fingers crossed !!!)


John Henry
06/08/12 05:51:44AM @john-henry:

Thanks Mandy, you too Val, not a patch on that which Kimberly posted for her father, but I just felt I wanted to do it 'there and then', a new hymn for me ?


Cheryl Johnson
06/07/12 09:38:27PM @cheryl-johnson:

Beautiful, John...and what a sweet thing to do. Kimberly, I'm sorry to hear of your accident....hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

Kimberly C.
06/07/12 07:10:57PM @kimberly-c:

Very lovely arrangement, John. Smile.gif Thank you so much for the get well wishes. They truly mean a lot. Smile.gif

06/07/12 04:57:28PM @sam:

Beautifully played on a beautiful dulcimer. Loved the jag at the end.

Rick Kennedy
06/07/12 12:30:18PM @rick-kennedy:
Love to hear/see you play, John Henry
06/07/12 10:04:05AM @mandy:
Very nice dedication!