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Tune 89

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:52
BJ Jordan
02/03/17 09:20:31AM @bj-jordan:

Love it Randy.


Robin Thompson
02/03/17 06:23:13AM @robin-thompson:

Randy, you are expanding the repertoire for noter playing-- dulcimer tunes that can transfer to fiddle instead of their being transferred the other way around.  It's an open secret I'm a fan!  

Randy Adams
02/02/17 07:45:27PM @randy-adams:

Sincere thanks for watching my friends.

Dusty they don't tell a story! : )

Cynthia...You and Dusty are more poetic than I am. I should have you name my tunes! They usually don't hold any meaning for me other than numerical. 

Here's where I'm coming from on a couple things.

I can make up fiddle tunes. I don't really try to and w/o being dramatic about it they just kind of come to me. Probly b/c I've been playing them for so many years I know the genre inside and out, although I'm no O'Carolan.

Until about 5 years ago I never kept track of them, or remembered them, except for two. Tune 01 and an as yet unnamed tune. So I figured for the first 35 years I played the tunes I might have made up 20 tunes so I started naming them with Tune 21. Then I began using odd numbers for them, just a quirk. I've named (with actual names) about a half dozen tunes so there is gaps in the numbers but there's about 40 tunes I've kept track of.

Some I am proud of, some not. Some I got a good recording on, some not. Some of 'em I played pretty good, some, or most, with mistakes. I'm just an amateur hack, it's a hobby, a pastime, for me. Don't worry! Nothing to sell here! : )

I do like to think I'm expanding the repertoire for noter playing, or showing what's possible, within my narrow area of expertise....fiddle tunes.

Thanks again for listening and commenting.

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/17 08:26:05AM @cynthia-wigington:

On a Harley heading west, wind in my hair, hot sun beating down, long way to go...good tune Randy thank you. Did you write it?

John Henry
02/02/17 05:31:45AM @john-henry:

Nice one Randy....thanks for sharing !


Steven Berger
02/02/17 02:56:15AM @steven-berger:

Another good one, Randy! Kind of like those old outlaw songs from the mountains.



Dusty Turtle
02/02/17 01:29:00AM @dusty-turtle:

If I haven't heard tunes 1-88, will I understand this one? Maybe you can give me a plot summary to catch me up.laughlaugh

Seriously, this is an infectious and haunting tune.  I imagine traveling through a blizzard at night.