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Location: Lincoln, NE
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Sugar in the Gourd

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:27
w/mountain banjo. This is fun right now
08/20/17 02:32:13PM @macaodha:

Mighty fine playing Randy.

Gail Webber
08/20/17 09:23:44AM @gail-webber:

Nice playing Randy!  Joe Shelton taught me this tune.

Dusty Turtle
08/16/17 03:58:47PM @dusty-turtle:

Another in the long line of Randy's bawdy tunes.

This has a nice hop to it.

Randy Adams
08/13/17 04:17:23PM @randy-adams:

I met her in the road, she danced on a board.

Tuned up my fiddle and gave her Sugar in the Gourd.

Mary MacGowan
08/13/17 01:30:19PM @mary-macgowan:

Cool! Nice full sound with the banjo. Looks like you're playing with the banjo part without even using a headset - wow! Nice friendly playing!