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Tune 93

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:15
I've taken a break from the dulcimer but have played this 4 string fretless here lately.
Bob Reinsel
12/05/17 03:43:37PM @bob-reinsel:

Great stuff Randy.  As always

Brian G.
11/27/17 10:42:01AM @brian-g:

Randy, I love it!

Janene Millen
11/27/17 08:11:02AM @janene-millen:

I started this video and walked away from my computer to do other things....had to come back to SEE what you were doing.  LOVE this sound...and with a noter too....almost like a bottleneck slide.  It's an inspired style and tune.  thanks. 

Patty from Virginia
11/26/17 06:00:34PM @patty-from-virginia:

Great! Nice to be able to pull a tune out from your head. I love it. Thanks for sharing!


Steve Battarbee
11/24/17 03:28:27PM @steve-battarbee:

Randy this is so good !

What a great sound and a great tune. I’d love to be able to play like this

Randy Adams
11/23/17 05:18:57PM @randy-adams:

Robin.....I do all my variations when I'm learning the tune. When I find the way I like to hear it and play it the best I stick with it.

Randy Adams
11/23/17 05:12:15PM @randy-adams:

Thanks for listening and commenting my friends.

Robin here's the truth as I understand it. : )

I don't play the dulcimer with other people for several reasons. I tried it a few times and my little dulcimers aren't loud enough. I have a double back/resonator but I still couldn't but barely hear myself play. To play with fiddles and banjos and guitars a big Galax dulcimer is needed but I prefer the tone and tunings my little dulcimers provide to my playing style.

I can't play my noter style fast enough to keep up comfortably with common jam speeds. A noter sometimes has to travel quite a distance to the next desired note and I am not willing to leave out enough notes to make it work. I'd like to play all the notes but that's not really possible either.

Fortunately for me I'm a way better banjo player than a dulcimer player. I can hear myself, other people can hear me and actually rely/depend on me to add interest and rhythm and excitement to the tunes.

I love to play the dulcimer for my own evening entertainment as I'm sure generations of dulcimer players have done through the years.

The tuning is somewhere close to DGde key of G.


Lexie R Oakley
11/22/17 06:09:00PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Randy your fretless playing is fabulous, really neat tune!

Robin Thompson
11/22/17 06:26:09AM @robin-thompson:

Another neat tune, Randy.  

I watched this twice last night-- your play on the fretless is something I could watch all day.  (Since back when you started doing it on your PVMB and your c'boxes, I've been taken with the sound of your using the noter across the strings.)  Though it's a style of play which takes greater skills than I've got, I sure do love to hear you do it.  

PS- Go, Bobcats!  (We play Friday night, I think.) 

Robin Clark
11/22/17 05:13:27AM @robin-clark:

Randy - I love this.  You really have mastered that fretless dulcimer.  And the composition is just so evocative of old time music.  I bet folk at sessions would love to play this tune, it's just so catchy - and you can take it places with variations.  Is the tuning root, third, fifth and sixth from low to high?