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Sally in the Garden

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I don't think she's sifting sand on this one : }
09/22/19 10:56:31PM @irene:

and this is another tooth pick fretted dulcimer?   Oh super nice this sounding one.  Now for how high from the fret to the string.... A dime above the string closest to the nut and a nickle above the fret on the string closest to the bridge? I'm just fasinated with using toothpicks for frets.   I'm going to listen to all you got posted.  soooooooooooo impressed!!! aloha, irene


Kevin Burns
02/07/19 04:39:26PM @kevin-burns:

Nice noter playing on a very traditional mountain dulcimer.thumbsup

Randy Adams
01/26/19 05:06:53PM @randy-adams:

Thanks for the positive connotations my friends.

DT It does feel good to play a few tunes here lately. It helps to have something to look forward to.

Alright then Irene ...I'm tuned to the most wonderful noter tuning God has gifted us with. DGC.

It's the perfect tuning and I don't understand why it's not in universal use! : ]

Comes out in the key of G. Can play all 4 four most common modes out of it with 6+ fret. The range works great on most tunes: i.e. the lows don't go too low and the highs don't go too high. 

Starts on the 4th fret... same as DAG....uses the same frets. In fact you can play this tune just like I do here in DAG tuning. Well you have to 'cheat' as I do and snatch the 8+ fret out of thin air. I think 3 of the modes all start on the 4th fret but maybe dorian mode starts on the 1st fret. I can't remember how that worked.

Robin... It's never too late to switch to a side by side noter hold!  : }

01/26/19 12:44:34AM @irene:

yep, read the words to that song, yep, it's a fast one.  hummmmmmmmmmmm. 

01/26/19 12:36:28AM @irene:

NOW THAT WAS COOL!!! please tell us the tuning of your dulcimer here.  and I'm a noter droner as well....but use my finger on top of a curved noter.  Is that song always that fast? I'm going to look that up more and learn it.  thank you so much for posting your music.  aloha, irene

Robin Thompson
01/25/19 06:55:48PM @robin-thompson:

The tuning you used gives this such a nice edge, Randy.  

This is a great visual for anybody wanting to see good examples of noter play.  (Since I'm a thumb-on-top-with-a-flat-noter player, I can't make that great wrist move you use up on the fretboard.  But I wish I could.) 

Dusty Turtle
01/25/19 12:03:28PM @dusty-turtle:

Nice rendition of that tune, Randy.  Your noter hasn't missed a step.

I'm dancing mrdance because I'm so glad you're posting tunes again.

01/25/19 07:50:19AM @ariane:

Sounds wonderful!

01/25/19 04:12:57AM @macaodha:

Wonderful clear precise playing.

Steven Berger
01/24/19 09:11:41PM @steven-berger:

That's a foot-stomper, Randy!