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Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle.wmv

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Duration: 00:02:25
Played noter/drone with a hollow bamboo noter and a Jim Dunlop .80 Fins' pic on an English Walnut , Spruce, and Rosewood three stringed, hourglass dulcimer, 26 1/2" VSL, strung with 0.022 nickle wound, and 0.014 & 0....
John Henry
11/01/13 12:01:21AM @john-henry:

Thank you for both the search and the compliment Patty, I am glad that you found it pleasing ! On viewing it again I can only agree with Robin C's remark, the vid quality is rubbish! (and I'm playing it too fast, lol)

best wishes


Patty from Virginia
10/31/13 11:28:51AM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, I did as you suggested and typed in noter drone in the video search box and found this. This is a lovely song and you did an excellent job113.gif41.gif41.gif41.gif

John Henry
08/08/13 10:16:56AM @john-henry:

Just purely for the h... of it, its taken me best part of four years to achieve the ability to do this !!! Sorry.


John Keane
02/27/12 05:56:54AM @john-keane:

Colorful playing AND've done well yet again! I enjoyed this very much!

John Henry
02/27/12 05:04:17AM @john-henry:

Karen, thank you for the comment! No worries about the 'late' response, tho' I was of the impression that it was because JK had been unwell 18.gif . It now transpires that he had been away hobnobing with the great and powerful! 45.gif3.gif !!! I am glad that you enjoyed the workshop

best wishes


Karen Keane
02/26/12 06:31:25PM @karen-keane:

Hey John, Sorry for the late response, but JK and I have been at a workshop in Irving, Texas. It was wonderful and a lot of fun. I love the tune and the noter playing. It was well done and really played well. Thanks so much for sharing. Grin.gif

John Henry
02/25/12 07:41:41AM @john-henry:

Ahh! but can he use a noter, Geekling !


John Henry
02/25/12 04:10:24AM @john-henry:

Thank you Robert, much appreciated ! Steph, being the sensitive soul that I am3.gif , comments sans teasing are perfectly acceptable! (that rooster laid any eggs yet?)

Rob N Lackey
02/24/12 06:11:33AM @rob-n-lackey:

Beautiful tune, and nicely done.

John Henry
02/24/12 03:51:44AM @john-henry:

Thanks for your comments friends, appreciated !

Randy, that lamination was the result of me being a bit short on cash back in '96 (no, not 1896 JK) when I made the dulcimer, I used what was 'leaning against the wall' of the workshop! Quite recently I have noticed that Folkroots do sometning similar !

Strumelia, "refined" ??? Tell my children that, they are always moaning about my hair, beard, and lack of dress sense ! It would appear that I even make some people CRY (thx for comment Macy)

And I agree with what johnp says about exposure to other styles !


Brian G.
02/23/12 08:08:53PM @brian-g:

Wonderful John Henry. I love it!

Macy Jayne
02/23/12 07:11:12PM @macy-jayne:

John Henry you play so beautifully that I want to cry!

Dana R. McCall
02/23/12 06:34:54PM @dana-r-mccall:

Campbell must have been very sad leaving Redcastle

Dana R. McCall
02/23/12 06:34:07PM @dana-r-mccall:

I love this tune. Your playing really make me appreciate playing with a noter. This tune is hauntingly beautiful. You do a great job playing it.

John Henry
02/23/12 04:42:59PM @john-henry:

Thanks Robin, comment appreciated, I have no idea what is wrong with the vid snyc, I apologize for it's shortcomings, but by now I think I that I have a bit of a reputation related to computers, lol, was using a bog ordinary microsoft web cam. duly noted, must try to pay more attention to detail !


John Henry
02/23/12 04:36:06PM @john-henry:

Thank you Val, (I really should stop listening to the pipes 107.gif , I find they are a big draw ! Not to sure about great stuff from the UK, certain parts of it maybe, but England v Wales ???? 63.gif (any news on the wanderer?)


john p
02/23/12 04:27:25PM @john-p:

Great stuff as usual John Henry Smile.gif

Randy says:

What's up with all the sparse & beautiful noter playing goin' on around here lately?...doesn't anyone just bang on it anymore? Ha!....

Can't really speak for the rest of the guys, but I think it has a lot to do with spending the first 30 years playing more or less in isolation and firmly in the UK tradition. It's only in the last few years there's been the chance to look further afield

Drop in for tea one afternoon Strel ... we'll show you refined Grin.gif

john p

02/23/12 12:18:32PM @strumelia:

Very beautiful John Henry!

Randy says:

What's up with all the sparse & beautiful noter playing goin' on around here lately?...doesn't anyone just bang on it anymore? Ha!....

Randy, it's all those refined English types. We Americans are way cruder, wacking about on our instruments like we were pounding our laundry clean on river rocks. lol!

Kimberly C.
02/23/12 10:13:37AM @kimberly-c:

I love the droning sound you achieved in this song! Excellent! Thanks for sharing with us. Smile.gif

Randy Adams
02/23/12 09:50:18AM @randy-adams:

What's up with all the sparse & beautiful noter playing goin' on around here lately?...doesn't anyone just bang on it anymore? Ha!....that's some dang good dulcimer playing there John Henry. I sure like that laminated treatment you have given the strum hollow...