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Holy Mana

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Duration: 00:01:32
Test run for a Virginia style dulcimer, based on an instrument shown in Ralph Lee Smith's book ' The Story of The Dulcimer' This mean tone fretted diatonic dulcimer has a 26" VSL, is constructed from Brazilian Mahogany and English Cherry,(weighs in at under 1 3/4lbs) and is strung with 0.022 PB, 0.013 & 0.012 plain steel strings here tuned to DGd, and played noter/drone (plus some bowing) The 'finish' on the instrument is meant to convey some ageing, and therefore should not be seen as indicative of my poor technique, lol!
John Henry
07/23/12 04:44:59PM @john-henry:

I'm guessing that most of your 'end of year 'paperwork is done Jane, good to hear from you ! Why do I get the feelng that you intended something other than 'gentleman' to end that first sentance !!!


John Henry
07/23/12 08:11:35AM @john-henry:

Hello Marion, glad to hear that the details of the bow construction reached you OK, as I mentioned in the notes, try to avoid handling the hair if possible, helps a lot when you start to use the bow. Good luck with the chocolate !


07/23/12 06:21:07AM @foggers:

Oooooo JH - an authentic old timer of an MD, in the lap of an authentic old..........gentleman!

Dulcimer looks and sounds great, and you should learn to accept compliments about your playing too! Hope the sun is shining on you and yours!

Jane x

Marion Seaman
07/12/12 06:20:25AM @marion-seaman:

thanks john look forward to the postman...........robin still hasnt made my sound boards!! so i dont hold my breath for a bow! however he is retired now and just getting over a hernia op so he will have more time on his hands soon. I am fit and well except i cant taste anything from the op - it affects a nerve that supplies taste buds. hopefully it will settle down in time and chocolate will once more be chocolateLOL


John Henry
07/10/12 03:02:56PM @john-henry:

Hi there Marion, good to hear from you, I hope that you are fit and well now? Thank you for the comment, do I detect another potential project for Robin, lol? Will pop the info you asked for in the post, easier to make a sketch than give a verbal description.

best wishes


Marion Seaman
07/08/12 05:29:37AM @marion-seaman:

Grin.gif just spotted this John - very nice; the tune, the bowing and the dulcimr! well done. what is the bow made of and what type/how many strings are on it?

cheers marion

John Keane
06/25/12 11:48:01AM @john-keane:

JH...the peace and quiet is gone, but it's great to "see" you again! Tongue.gifGrin.gif

Dana R. McCall
06/24/12 07:21:00AM @dana-r-mccall:

Beautiful JH I need to try a bow, and I love the new dulcimer. that is very pretty and a great sound.

John Henry
06/24/12 02:52:14AM @john-henry:

AH! you are back at last, goodbye to peace and quiet !!! 46.gif , and OK, you win a small concession, I will tie a note to the chair so as my kids know how to dispose of it when the time comes 3.gif .

Thanks for listening John , comment appreciated.


John Keane
06/22/12 11:46:46AM @john-keane:

Just! Now, about that chair... Grin.gif

Nick Pope
06/21/12 04:09:31AM @nick-pope:

Your dulcimer sounds as good as it looks, nice playing.

I've now learnt another tune Smile.gif
Thanks John

John Henry
06/21/12 03:57:35AM @john-henry:

Thanks for listening Rick ! I'm not to sure that it might be considered an advantage to be able to see me better................39.gif , hands and instrument perhaps, but just at the moment I have sucumbed to the bullying tactics of some of our lady contributors, lol.

good to hear from you (I shall always link you with sunlight on 'Cade's Cove' !)


Rick Kennedy
06/21/12 02:41:19AM @rick-kennedy:

Looks like a fine instrument, and, as always, I enjoyed hearing/seeing you play--this was a particularly good angle since we could see you a bit better (it was brighter when you filmed, I think)!

Brian G.
06/20/12 08:48:56PM @brian-g:

Wow! very nice John H. Beautiful instrument and nice playing. The tune is unfamiliar to me, but I like it!

John Henry
06/20/12 07:01:39AM @john-henry:

Thank you all for your response to this posting (Holy Mana), it makes the construction of an instrument very worthwhile (just wished the 'playing part' warrented the very polite comments made !!!)


Macy Jayne
06/19/12 05:31:43PM @macy-jayne:

Lovely John HenrySmile.gif

Rob N Lackey
06/19/12 04:40:27PM @rob-n-lackey:

John Henry, You've done it again! Wonderful instrument! Sounds great. Good tune too

Patty from Virginia
06/19/12 02:00:01PM @patty-from-virginia:

John Henry, that was great! I love the sound and your playing. I love the hymn tooSmile.gif Yes, you did do Virginia proud. Consider yourself a VirginianSmile.gif

Robin Clark
06/19/12 11:17:53AM @robin-clark:

Hey that's a great instrument John - What an 'old' sound Grin.gif

Cheryl Johnson
06/19/12 10:53:04AM @cheryl-johnson:
John, great sound....I really like the tone!