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'Hard Times' - (played Galex style noter drone)

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Duration: 00:01:27
First outing for a new dulcimer, a homage to the late Keith Young and his 'Early Virginia' style instruments. Constructed in English Cherry, and Douglas Fir, with a 26" VSL, mean tone fretted with staple frets (incldg the 6 1/2 !) under two strings, strung Galex style,D,D,D,D, with 0.010 plain steel strings and zither type steel tuning pins. The instrument has had three coats of a shellac based 'sand and seal' (applied with 'linen pad), and a light 'paste waxing'. The choice of tune for it's first outing reflects how I felt when using the plane on old, wild grained cherry !!!
Cheryl Johnson
09/03/13 05:39:53AM @cheryl-johnson:

Love it....of course!! So that cherry gave you some hard times eh?? The end result looks and sounds great!

John Henry
09/03/13 03:00:50AM @john-henry:

Hey James, you're digging deep, lol, glad that you enjoyed it, thank you for watching !!!

best wishes, John

James Phillips
09/02/13 07:35:49PM @james-phillips:

Love this version of Hard Times John Henry! And that is a mighty fine looking & sounding dulcimer you are playing in this video.

John Henry
09/09/12 02:32:15AM @john-henry:

Hello MacyJayne, and a thank you for the comment on 'Hard Times' You ask how do I like the zither pin tuners? The answer is I like 'em fine, far preferable to most of the 'friction' only tuners that I have used, (once you get used to remembering that you need to carry something with you to turn 'em with), but then, having made and played HD's, Psalteries, and the like for many years I should be used to them by now!


Macy Jayne
09/08/12 11:27:55PM @macy-jayne:

She sounds nice JHSmile.gif . How do you like the zither pins?

Robin Clark
08/20/12 07:29:32AM @robin-clark:

That's great John !!!!

I hope that instrument is coming to Launde - I may have to have a sneaky play of that beauty 3.gif

Gayle Maurer
08/15/12 07:25:20PM @gayle-maurer:

Make that Galex. Sorry for the misspell!

Gayle Maurer
08/15/12 07:24:35PM @gayle-maurer:

The next dulcimer I get will be a Gaylax. Very, very nice!

John Shaw
08/14/12 09:03:58AM @john-shaw:

Beautiful, John! The sound is really well balanced - drones sitting nicely behind the melody.

John Henry
08/14/12 03:10:11AM @john-henry:

Again, thanks for watching, comments appreciated !


John Keane
08/13/12 08:22:50PM @john-keane:

The shoes threw me off for a second, but when I listened...I loved it! Nice job JH!

Rick Kennedy
08/13/12 06:05:35PM @rick-kennedy:

Beautiful instrument, JH. First thing I always do when logging on to FOTMD is to see if there are any new John Henry videos. The last tune that you (unknowingling) got me started on was Holy Manna. Looks like Hard Times is next! As always, thanks for posting!

John Henry
08/13/12 05:10:39PM @john-henry:

Cyndi! thank you for watching, I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Patty, you were correct, I am enjoying trolling thro' the stuff on that site, thank you for the link!

Dave, its only been strung a short while, I think it has potential !! Still playing with string gauges, and will eventually replace the ebony nut/bridge with bone (or similar 3.gif )


cyndi spear-duncan
08/13/12 03:08:24PM @cyndi-spear-duncan:
That's beautiful!
Patty from Virginia
08/13/12 10:05:44AM @patty-from-virginia:

JH, about the link I gave you, click on the "about us", "videos", and the "Bluegrass Trail". I think you might enjoy the video.

Patty from Virginia
08/13/12 09:48:48AM @patty-from-virginia:

John H., pretty tune. So, you got a Galax now. Looks like you got Virginia in your blood. I think you might enjoy a link to the Galax VA web page, . Galax is well south of me, near the border of North CarolinaSmile.gif

John Henry
08/13/12 09:18:02AM @john-henry:

Steph ! Will try to post a couple of photos of the instrument later which might indicate more fully the type of simple finish that might be achieved on your 'bleeder' . Incidenally, have you considered becoming a 'stripper' full time now that you have proved that you can do it ?


John Henry
08/13/12 09:11:32AM @john-henry:

Thank you all for watching and bothering to make comment, I should have replied sooner, but we had the end of a little 'ole sports event here yesterday, got involved with watching that 41.gif , stayed up late 36.gif , and had maybe one too many sherberts before going to bed 28.gif , with a resultant late start today !

appreciate your support !


Dana R. McCall
08/13/12 08:18:02AM @dana-r-mccall:

That was wonderful JH, Stephen Foster would be proud! Love the sound of your new build to, it is beautiful.

Brian G.
08/13/12 07:18:17AM @brian-g:

Very nice John H.! Great playing, and beautiful instrument. I thoroughly enjoyed this. :)